Top 5 posts of this week for Web Workers

Posted on September 22nd, 2010. Written by Jamie Northrup.

Weekly 5 Posts for Web WorkersEvery week I come across through my RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, E-mails and random surfing thousands of articles, some are great, some not so much, some are just quick tidbits of info, where others can be complete guides.

I would say each week I do find about a dozen really fabulous posts and from there I do the hard job of picking the five best to present the Deuce Group Weekly 5 for Web Workers.

Here are this weeks 5 must read posts for online workers:
1. How To Craft A Compelling Offer In 7 Easy Steps (Sept 21st)

The better you offer looks and sounds, the more chances you’ll get the work, and this is precisely what Yaro Starak tries to teach you in seven step to creating a great offer over on his blog called Entrepreneurs Journey.

2. 5 Steps to Make More Money From Your Website with Less Traffic (Sept 15th)

I’ve always believed and said it’s more important to have quality visitors than quantity, of course there needs to be a balance, you can never have too many visitors (servers allowing) and you can never have enough targeted visits. Corbett Barr posted these five tips to cashing in on targeted visitors on the Think Traffic blog.

3. Welcome Emails: The Perfect Non-Spammy Money Makers (Sept 14th)

Okay this could technically be in last weeks, but I didn’t see it until this week and thought for sure it needed to be included as many people don’t realize the power they have with the welcome e-mail. Usually someone who subscribes to your newsletter is excited or at the very least interested in what you have to say, so before he changes his mind, cash in. This is basically what Jonathan Volk discusses in his post on his blog.

4. 15 Bad Habits That Could Kill Your Design Career (Sept 15th)

Although it’s aimed at a design career, most of the points can apply to almost any freelancer or web worker, a great article by Preston D Lee over at the Web Designer Depot.

5. Working Online Needs an Organized Schedule (Sept 21st)

I’ve recently revamped by personal website ( and started a blog on it, which is more personal than my posts on the Deuce Group. Well this week I released this post about schedules.

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