This Weeks 5 Great Posts for Web Workers!

Posted on October 13th, 2010. Written by Jamie Northrup.

Weekly 5 Posts for Web WorkersEvery week I come across, through my RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, E-mails and random surfing, thousands of articles, some are great, some not so much, some are just quick tidbits of info, where others can be complete guides.

I would say each week I do find about a dozen really fabulous posts and from there I do the hard job of picking the five best to present the Deuce Group Weekly 5 for Web Workers.

Here are this weeks 5 must read posts for online workers:

1. How To Pick The Right Business Partners (Oct 8th)

This is an excellent read, if you’re thinking of getting or adding business partners you should check out this guest post by Sarhvik Tantry on The Smart Passive Income blog.

2. Professionalism and Social Media (Oct 8th)

Dawn hit the nail on the head on this post over at GigaOm / WebWorkerDaily. Thinks can get really ugly in the PR world if you don’t have the right person representing your company on the web. Includes a great example of what happened to Earth Class Mail.

3. 5 Tips For Building A Profitable Online Business When You Still Have A Job (Oct 6th)

This is a great guest post by Leslie Samuel over at Entrepreneurs Journey. If you want to start an internet business but aren’t sure if you have time because you work full time and can’t quit your job just yet, then you really need to read this post.

4. The Blogger’s Guide to Unleashing a Manifesto (Oct 12th)

A great article that isn’t just for bloggers, releasing a free guide or ebook is a great way for anyone to get noticed in a specific niche. Corbett Barr wrote this article focusing on the traffic generating aspect since it was for the Think Traffic blog.

5. How to Increase Email Conversions in 4 Easy Steps (Oct 12th)

John Chow is a leader in the online business world, and he shares some tips to increase your e-mail conversions which is essential for all online businesses.

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