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Posted on July 20th, 2010. Written by Jamie Northrup.

7 Fingered HandIf you don’t already know what ProBlogger is, than I suggest you go check it out if you are a blogger or plan on being one, it’s the top resource on the web.

We are of course subscribed to their RSS feed and try and keep on top of all the great content released, earlier this week they came out with the “7 Link Challenge”, we decided we would take the challenge, and encourage our readers to do the same.

Here are our 7 links:

  1. Our First Post:Buy a Website that already Earns Money” – Only got 2 tweets, but it did have 12 comments and scored me some commission dollars.
  2. A Post we Enjoyed Writing:Six Great Business Movies With Trailers” – We not only enjoyed writing this post, but enjoyed watching the trailers, and the movies even more.
  3. A Post which had Great Discussion:Why should I visit your website? Hurry, I don’t have much time!” – Although it doesn’t have a great discussion in the comments, we have had many conversations with people on Twitter and by e-mail about this post.
  4. A Post we wished we Wrote:Make Money Online: 100+ Tools and Resources” – This is a great post that I have bookmarked when it came out in 2007 and still refer to it today.
  5. Our most Helpful Post:Do some micro work and get a micro pay.” – A lot of people thanked us for introducing them to MicroWorkers, it’s easy, quick and an reliable.
  6. A Post with a Title we are Proud of:What would you do for five dollars?” – We got a lot of traffic from Google on this one, we think in part to the title, and we believe the title represents the post very well.
  7. A Post we Wish more People would’ve Read:5 ways to make money on eBay.” – A lot of people don’t realize there is more to eBay than just selling your stuff, there are multiple ways to make money with or without an initial investment.

Well the 7 link challenge is done, took about an hour, and it was pretty interesting and brought back some memories and also made us think about the things we have done and why we did them.

Did you take the #7links challenge? If so post your link in the comments!

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