Social Media Companies Office Space Pictures.

Posted on September 4th, 2010. Written by Jamie Northrup.

Social Media OfficesThere is nothing more inspiring than seeing some amazing offices, and a lot of social media companies pride themselves in having the best place to work.

From a great view, to modern technology, to great amenities and so much more, they all battle to be the best overall office they can be.

Thanks to several websites we are able to show you some great pictures from some offices of today’s top Social Media companies.

First up is Digg (see all pics at

Digg Lobby

Digg Cubicles

Digg Conference Room

Then we have YouTube (see all pics at

YouTube Outside Entrance

YouTube Golf Green

YouTube Cubicles

Can’t do this post without Facebook (see all pics at

Facebook Outside Look

Facebook Conference Room

Facebook Lounge Area

Of course we have Twitter also (see all pics at

Twitter Entrance

Twitter Office

Twitter Lounge Area

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  1. I’m building this website for a fruit packaging company and I’m thinking of using this icon set. Thank you!

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