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Posted on February 16th, 2010. Written by Jamie Northrup.

Make Money Buying Websites That Earn MoneyThere are several reasons why you would want to buy an already existing website instead of making one from scratch. For example you won’t need to worry about finding a domain name, a design and depending how much you want to invest, a lot of the ones out there already have some level of search engine optimization implanted so you won’t need to do that also.

When purchasing a website, it’s sometimes hard to determine how legitimate the facts being said about it are, so you should always be careful and check all the information that is given to you, at the very least verify the information that you are using to make your decision to purchase the website in question.

Depending on the level of completion, popularity and monetization a website has will usually determine the price, also the domain name can actually play a big role also.

Along with eBay (that always seems to have a wide range of sites available) we recommend using Website Broker to purchase a new website, you can get a lot of details on a website or even just a domain name, if you already have the website you want to go with it, before you purchase.

I would suggest you browse the site, if you have any questions or need advice just post a question below and we will be glad to assist. If you need help with hosting feel free to contact us as well.

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Jamie Northrup

I’m a 30 year old Canadian web consultant and founder of the Deuce Group. I have been working online since 1995 and have experience in blogging, web development, web design, e-commerce, eBay, social networking and online marketing.

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  1. Hey, I love your website.. I found it on MSN and it has some valuableinfo. I will continue to check for updates!

  2. Thanks Tom, I appreciate the feedback!

  3. keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.

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